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What it Takes to Go From Feeling Sick, Stuffed and Awful to Feeling Strong and Happy

Many thanks to reader Jen, 30, for this inspiring Real Story. More proof that recovery is possible for all of us, guys! xo…Sunny In the summer of… More 

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"Little Victories" Friday!

By now, you probably know what to do, but just in case you have missed out on the greatness that is “Little Victories” Fridays, you can check out… More 

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Using Food and Weight To Take Yourself Out of The Game…

I’ve been watching the Olympics this week, seeing all of the strong, brave athletes and thinking about all sorts of games.  Using food and weight as a “distancer”… More 

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Thank You To The Reader Who Saved My Night

Even though I’ve never met any of you, reading your comments and emails makes me feel like I’m getting to know you bit by bit. You guys are… More 

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Could Speaking Up Help You Get Sane About Food?

I was talking to a friend a few weeks back about the mutual experience of eating instead of speaking up or using our voices. This idea is something… More 

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Real Story: Is Extra Food is Cluttering Up Your Life?

Sorry we didn’t have a post yesterday, guys—Morgan’s away and I was working on the book all weekend! But always keep checkin’ back; isn’t goin’ anywhere. I… More 

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The Book That's Helping One Binger Get Sane About Food

Your emails and comments are so inspiring. The conversations we’re having here are creating a community and helping people—and the site is growing: Just this morning, I got… More 

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Do You Eat When You Have Nothing to Do? Here's Help.

A great, insightful Q from reader Marina, who just turned 20. Hope her situation helps shed some light on your own…and as always, feel free to weigh… More 

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Is It Possible To Focus on Weight Loss and Recovery At The Same Time?

This 20-year-old reader asked me something all overweight overeaters have wondered at one time or another: Can I lose weight and get better at the same time?… More 

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Real Story: TV, Nachos and Secrecy

Thanks to Erica, 21, who’s sharing her very honest, inspiring Real Story today. She’s proof that you can get better! xo…Sunny I cringe when thinking back to the… More 

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