The Book That’s Helping One Binger Get Sane About Food

Look at us…all helpin’ each other and stuff! How cool is that?

Your emails and comments are so inspiring. The conversations we’re having here are creating a community and helping people—and the site is growing: Just this morning, I got an email from a reader in Saudi Arabia who was reaching out because she doesn’t know where else to turn. We also have readers in the U.K., Sweden, Australia and all over North America. If there was ever proof that we are not alone and that more help is needed for young women struggling with emotional eating this is it!

Today, I wanted to share a happy note from a reader named Kyla who talked about how her life is changing for the better. It warmed my heart and started my day off right—I’m hoping it’ll do the same for you.

“I am half-way through reading Feeding the Hungry Heart at the moment, one of the books you’ve recommended on the site. I am so moved and inspired by Geenen Roth’s writings, especially about dieting. I am moved into tears by what others what have gone through and have shared in the book.

“Would you believe my thoughts and attitude towards food are slowly changing? Every day, I affirm to myself that I eat for nourishment and that I exercise for strength. I used to see exercise as a punishment for eating. And it is very destructive that way. This is my body. I should love and take care of it. I still get the urge to overeat but at least for now, I am really trying to change and focus on healthy than calories/weight figures. To all of you reading this, please do yourselves a favor by reading the book. You and I are not alone in this struggle.

“I want to quote a line from the book, which I believe is very very true in my case: ‘For every diet there is an equal and opposite binge. Bingeing is part of dieting. When we go on a diet, we relinquish the responsibility of learning how to nourish ourselves. And sooner or later, it backfires, and we binge.’ I will try to avoid saying diet. I will focus on healthy.”

Have you read or heard something lately that has inspired you to get saner about food or your body? Please share! xo…Sunny

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8 Responses to The Book That’s Helping One Binger Get Sane About Food

  1. tiphaine says:

    You also have a reader from Paris!This site is really inspiring!

  2. Razieh says:

    Geneen Roth’s “Feeding The Hungry Heart” is one of my top three favorite books. I appreciate Geneen’s honesty and courage for writing this book. Although I have read it almost 20 times, I use it as sort of a bible, something i take out every once and a while when I get anxious. I have highlighted parts of the book, which basically serve as my “scriptures.” I think having atleast one or two great pieces of literature is an essential tool in recovery.

    • Emily says:

      I couldn’t agree more about this book! Her perspective is so full of love and forgiveness - two things I am learning to give myself more and more. This book is really a great message of hope, and it helped open my heart up to more joy for life and sanity about food.

      I like this book so much, in fact, that when my Grandma confided in me that she had always been a binge eater, I gave it to her and she loves it.

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    • Hanaa says:

      I would’ve given in and binged, and I woldun’t have stopped at M&Ms or a few cookies. Being alone is a scary thing in times like that, especially when there are bad’ treats around. I have so much compassion for you! I binged over Christmas because of all the new food around and found too many times to be secretive and alone. Writing about the experience shows that you are NOT giving ED the power!!!

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