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The Future of What Do You Want More Of?

Hi all! Quick housekeeping note: I’m sorry the posts haven’t been as consistently “daily” as usual over the last week or two. I’m near the completion of my book… More 

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The Smartest Way to Fight Obesity in this Country: Heal the Emotional Reasons Behind It

Today I wanted to share with you a piece I wrote for the Huffington Post. I’ll be writing for them occasionally, so let me know what you think… More 

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Three Cheers for A Diversity of Body Types on the Runway! (And A Few Other Things That Will Make You Happy)

Lovely, lovely happenings in the body revolution world in the past few weeks: Marc Jacobs Paris fashion show featuring models with a diversity of body types and ages… More 

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How Do You Describe Your Weird Relationship With Food?

The most recent draft of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists Binge Eating Disorder as an official eating disorder of its own. It used to… More 

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A Silly Weekend Post, Just For Fun

I was doing some twiddling around on the back-end of the site, just looking at stats, comments and post numbers (we hit post #100 yesterday!), and there’s a… More 

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Hey guys! If was to do a live video/text chat, what time of day would be better for you? [polldaddy poll=2620703]

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Who's Ready? Book Club is Happening!

Based on the enthusiastic response to our poll asking whether you guys would be interested in a Book Club, it’s on! Basically, we’ll read and then discuss a… More 

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Please Do Not "Pop" My Booty

My first reaction to this hilarious infomercial (first brought to my attention by an @illusionists tweet) was just to laugh. Loudly. And pull random co-workers into my office… More 

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Food-Sanity Book Club? Let Me Know What You Think!

Hey guys! I got an idea today about starting a Book Club where we’d read and discuss a bunch of healthy-eating/healthy-body image books one at a time.… More 

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How To Help Your Family and Friends Help YOU Get Sane About Food

Hi there! I hope the holidays are going well and that everyone is doing okay with handling whatever (potential) food/body issues these times can bring up. Two days… More 

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