Food-Sanity Book Club? Let Me Know What You Think!

Hey guys! I got an idea today about starting a Book Club where we’d read and discuss a bunch of healthy-eating/healthy-body image books one at a time. Morgan or I would do a post a week or so on the book and we could all weigh in and get healthier together!

What do you think? Yea? Nay? Would you participate?[polldaddy poll=2454999]


5 Responses to Food-Sanity Book Club? Let Me Know What You Think!

  1. mountaingirl38 says:

    I would love to participate! Keep me posted! I love to read and think having a goal to finish a book and like-minded people to discuss these issues would be so helpful!

  2. Kate says:

    I agree with mountaingirl! This is a great idea. I need incentive to read the stack of books I have, and would love to talk about them with other people. However, I can’t afford to buy every book and my library probably wouldn’t have them all, so I would like to suggest having a list of books so I can interlibrary loan what isn’t available and receive them in time to participate in the discussion.

  3. Sonia says:

    Hi! I’m from Europe so I would like to suggest that it would be nice if you could choose authors whom books have been publiced in Europe too! That way we international emotional eaters can also participate in your book club.

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