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Required Reading For Anyone Who's Weird About Food

Binge eating and emotional overeating are hot topics in the news and in research now. As they should be! I found these stories/posts interesting and wanted to share… More 

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Happy Announcement: Sunny's Writing a Book For Young Women Who Overeat!

I’ve got an announcement! After many years of thinking about it, and a couple of years of plucking away at a proposal, it’s finally happening: Berkley Books has… More 

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What It Really Takes To Look Like Victoria Beckham

According to Posh herself, it takes working out seven days a week. Kudos to her for being honest about how far she goes to get it. So many… More 

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Body Image News: Even Ancient Women Were Obsessed with Their Weight

Get this: There’s a scene in an ancient Roman comedic play called Eunuchus in which the main character talks about a woman he’s in love with not fitting… More 

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Um, What's the Number for Child Protective Services, Again?

This clip of a pageant mom putting her healthy 8-year-old daughter on an “all-fruit diet” so she could fit into her custom dress has me almost shaking in… More 

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4 Books That Will Help You Get Sane About Food (And Get to a Healthy Weight)

This post is inspired by a Rachel over at Body By Pizza, who tweeted late last night that a good friend of hers needed a good book on… More 

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What Are Your Food Rules? (And…Do You Have Too Many?)

Michael Pollan had a fun and enlightening slideshow on the today all about people’s food rules. We all have them, don’t we? Especially those of us who… More 

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Do Skinny Models and Celebs Cause Eating Disorders?

They didn’t cause mine, that’s for damn sure. I was sneaking cookies and wondering if I was fat before I even knew what a model was. A lot… More 

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The TRUTH About Super-Skinny Models in Magazines

You’ve probably heard by now of the huge, positive hub-bub created by a picture of a gorgeous size 12-14 model in Glamour‘s September issue. Editor in chief Cindi… More 

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Proof That "Fat Days" Are Sooo All In Your Head

There was an incredibly interesting “feeling fat” study presented at the Eating Disorders Research Society meeting I went to last week. The researchers at York University showed 100… More 

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