Counting "Little Victories!" to Get Sane About Food

Cereal used to call my name...Now it doesn't. = Little (big) Victory! Count it!

I’m sure you have all heard the common (yet often helpful) phrase “One step at a time.” While it’s simple, it’s also easy to forget, especially if you happen to be in the midst of trying to get sane about food and body stuff.

We talk on this site about recovery being a process, and often a process has the potential to be overwhelming and challenging at times. I like to re-frame the “One step at a time” idea and call it counting “Little Victories…”

I was reminded of this when I had a little bit of an “off week” week and found myself in my parent’s home for the holidays, perhaps teetering on some old habits (the kind that aren’t totally sane about food). A while ago, one of the foods I would reach for during times of emotional eating and would often overeat was dry cereal. Plain, boring cereal.

I was home alone and sort of had that feeling I get when I am searching for something to eat even though I’m not really hungry (usually signaling that I need to pause and check-in with myself and see what is actually really going on). I opened the familiar cabinet that holds the cereal, and I just stared at it and thought: that doesn’t even seem appealing one bit. Dry cereal? No way dude. Little Victory!

I closed the cabinet and made myself some tea. It was kind of amazing that I truly didn’t even want it and although I had been having some challenging times, I made sure to recognize it as a little victory! (Okay, maybe a big one…). I felt seriously good about making a better choice and not eating when I really wasn’t hungry!

I think it is really important to recognize and celebrate the little victories that you find yourself achieving—in life in general—but especially with things regarding getting sane about food. A moment in which you listened to your body, or a time you decided not to let yourself feel guilty about what you just ate…you name it! Sometimes you really have to pay attention, but truly acknowledging them can help put in perspective the small changes you are making and soon you have a whole basket full of little victories…which equals bigger ones and most-likely some great progress.

Are you able to notice and count your little victories? Maybe give it a try, I think you might like it! —Morgan

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14 Responses to Counting "Little Victories!" to Get Sane About Food

  1. Sunny says:

    I love this idea of little victories-I’ve got one to share! The other night, John and I were having chocolate cake. Just randomly, for dessert. And, in a move that was so incredibly normal I couldn’t believe it was coming from me, I didn’t finish my slice. With a few bites left, I just realized I was satisfied, and that I didn’t really even WANT any more. It felt so…normal. Amazing what recovery can be like! xo…Sunny

  2. Razieh says:

    I had a “mini victory” last night when indulging in some dessert. It was a small bag of cookies, but normally i would just have to finish the whole thing…but i was able to stop halfway… I was shocked! Extremely excited and proud of myself….and DIDNT dwell on it the rest of the night….ohhh the feeling of success :)

  3. Tamara says:

    Visiting my parents’ house always had the same effect on me. I think just the sight of the place, which never changed over the 16-some years I lived there, dug up old stressful feelings that made me want to refresh old habits I hadn’t indulged in for years.

    Dry cereal is icky. I always eat it with soy milk; not just because it tastes better that way, but because the liquid makes it more filling.

  4. laura says:

    I LOVE YOUR SITE. Every little entry is so relevant to me, I can relate to your experiences. Thank you for the daily dose of positivity and encouragement, Sunny!

  5. Anne says:

    I had a victory the other night. My boyfriend and I ordered chinese food, which we usually scarfed down in front of the tv mindlessly to end up feeling stuffed and bloated. This time, we shared one wonton soup (instead of having one each), had one spring roll each (instead of two), and loaded up our plates in the kitchen instead of leaving the food in front of us on the coffee table, taunting and tempting us all. And I was completely satisfied anyway :)

  6. Excellent thought… I’ll have to keep that in mind…little victories … yeah.

  7. Lauren says:

    Anne your little victory with your Chinese food is inspiring! I want to do this too! Chinese is the one take out food I stop thinking or worrying and always pig out, feel bloated and stuffed afterwards~

  8. Rachael says:

    I ate Chinese at a restaurant last night like a normal person. I had a taste of everything - lots of green vegies then stopped.
    The last time I ate chinese out I cried afterwards because of the thought of oil in it. And instead of exercising more or eating less to compensate - i came home and ate everything else “bad” in the fridge.

    So last night was a little victory

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