What Crazy Diets Have You Tried?

Inside: The Kardashians give all the credit for their "new bodies" to some diet pill. Wonder how much they got paid to do that?

Ever been tempted to click on those ubiquitous “Lose Your Belly Obeying This One Simple Rule” diet ads? Of course you have. It’s human nature to want a quick fix. A magic pill that will fix our food and weight problems. That goes double for girls and women who binge or emotionally eat.

But all our diets, plans and promises never work, do they? Even if we’re able to drop five or 10 or even 20 pounds, once the novelty wears off and our need for coping or comfort flares back up we gain those pounds right back.

I found that only when I addressed the reason behind why I eat too much food (or the wrong foods) in the first place, was my body weight able to normalize. Over the last three and a half years, I’ve ever-so-slowly lost 30 pounds by exercising more and bingeing less. And I know that if I continue to nurture myself in healthy ways, I’ll never gain it back.

Here’s my crazy diet history-what’s yours?

8 years old: Short-lived calorie-counting obsession—ate as little as 800 calories a day for a week
Jr. High School: The no-lunch diet (basically never ate at school, but would overeat at home)
1990: Took Rx diet pills for a few weeks—got paranoid, dry mouth, bad breath. Lost a few lbs.
1991: Would diet during the day, binge at night. Actually started gaining weight, not losing it.
1996: Doctor-supervised Atkins-style no-carb diet, which included a million weird herbal pills. Lost 25 pounds, gained it back, plus 50 more by binge eating
1998: Over-the-counter herbal diet pills. Ended up at the doctor dizzy, with heart palpitations and dehydration. Lost a few pounds, gained them back.
1999 NOT CRAZY: Started going to therapy and bingeing less. Lost about 30 pounds.
2004: Jenny Craig delivery food. Lost 25 pounds, gained it back.
2006 NOT CRAZY: Started going to eating disorders support group meetings and stopped actively binge eating. Started exercising more and eating healthier foods with Body by Glamour. Lost 20 pounds. Didn’t gain them back.
2009 NOT CRAZY: Continue to attend eating disorders support meetings and fine-tune the foods that I feel are best for my body. Verrry slowly lost another 10 pounds.
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10 Responses to What Crazy Diets Have You Tried?

  1. Erin says:

    I’m happy for your success! I am really bad at starting an exercise program and then stopping. I suffered an injured back earlier this summer and I know exercising improves the pain, but man is it hard to get back in the habit! Wish me luck!!

    • hlthygrl says:

      One thing that helped me was realizing that the weight wasn’t the real issue. I was using food to cover up feelings. Until I addressed THAT, there could be no lasting changes for me body-wise. Weight loss was just nice side-effect of getting better. The funniest thing was, it didn’t happen until I stopped caring so much about it. Wishing you love, luck and peace!

  2. Kate says:

    I’m so intrigued by this eating disorder support group. Where did you find yours and how can I?

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  5. Lisa says:

    I came to the realization that I too am a binge eater. I try diets, and I do lose weight fast, but I’ve always gained it back. I get hungry and binge like a lot. I am young, and I would like to be able to eat whatever I want. I recently decided that I can do this. I write down whatever I eat, and decided that I will eat whatever I want, as long as I only eat 3 meals a day, and no soda. I am going to incorporate an exercise program.

  6. Kaos says:

    Used Ephedra, Laxatives, and exercised 6 days a week. (I always secretly felt guilty and would be depressed on Sundays bc I didn’t work out)
    Dropped the laxatives, stayed on some form of diet pill, water pill, “fat burner.” Jogged everyday-even when I was dizzy (from only eating a yogurt and 1/2 a sandwhich a day).
    Eventually gained everything back.
    Started to get in to dance-took dance classes, then taught dance, and water aerobics-a total of only 3-4x a week and maintained a healthy weight.
    Got an injury, stopped teaching, gained weight, depression set in.
    Now, I feel stuck. :(

  7. Nina says:

    Great post idea, Im going to do my own version of this!
    In brief my crazy diets:
    2000 - Atkins, lost weight, lost friends, lost life
    2001 - My own wierd version on Atkins - no carbs, low-fat candy for energy
    2002 - No carbs, a LOT of binge eating
    2003 - Recovery food plans - no sugar, flour, wheat. Worked for a few months at a time, extreme binge eating in between
    2004-2006 - every single diet + cleanse possible, including - lemon juice detox, cabbage soup diet, Zone, Atkins, Fit for Life, Macrobiotic. Extreme binge eating in between. Weight gain of 30 pounds.
    2006-NOW: I eat what I want, when I want. No diets, no binges, no purging. I exercise for health. Have lost 30 pounds and maintained in for 3 years.

    My aim for the future - to help others do the same and give up diets for good!

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