The Worst New Year's Resolution You Could Possibly Make

[youtube=] OK, get this: I’ve been diligently working on my recovery from binge eating disorder for years, right? And I’m about to write a book on how to stop emotional eating. And I’m the founder of this here web site about body love and food sanity. So you’d think I would be far enough along to resist negative influences on my body image and eating habits.

But while I was watching TV the other day, I was actually tempted for a moment by one of those stupid New Year’s diet ads! AGH! Those companies have it down to a science, don’t they? They absolutely prey on our body insecurities and make their product sound like that magic pill, magic contraption or magic program that’s finally going to help us get perfectly thin.

Well, I’m here to say one thing to you ladies: Screw perfectly thin! For those of us with emotional eating problems, weight has never been the real problem—it’s only a symptom. And I’m making a solemn vow right now in front of God, you and the entire interwebs never to make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Why? Because focusing on the outside is no good for our insides. Who’s with me?!


Now go out there and have a wonderful last day of 2009. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!


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3 Responses to The Worst New Year's Resolution You Could Possibly Make

  1. Kate says:

    I was amazed (and extremely annoyed) with the number of weight loss adds popping up the day after Christmas. I’m especially weak with the Weight Watchers ads, I keep thinking how easy it would be to sign up again and try the plan “just one more time.”

    I’m going to be watching only recorded tv shows for the next month or two until the tax commercials start airing repeatedly.

  2. Heather says:

    It’s crazy…I’m from Canada and our regulations on weight loss drugs are a lot stiffer than they are in the US. I’m in Florida for the holidays with my family and I found myself wandering through the drug stores looking at the magic pills and potions trying to decide if there was something worth taking.
    Also…I cannot believe the sheer quantity of food available to US residents. It’s insane. I mean, I have a tough time holding back on the food consumption at home, but this is nuts!! Your potions sizes and choices are so plentiful. We obviously have portion size issues in Canada as well…however, we do not have happy hours or any of the random bar snacks that you have here. It gives me a whole new respect for people trying to deal with eating issues here. Our standard roadhouse style burgers are about 1/3 less than they are here. I have not stopped eating since I my first plane touched down in Atlanta! You have food EVERYWHERE!
    Anyway, as far as the New Years Resolutions go, mine are simple this year…I am making a promise to do 5 minutes of exercise a day. My theory is that I can’t talk myself out of 5 minutes, and in all likelihood, once I get clothes on and in position, I won’t stop at 5 minutes. But if I make myself a tiny goal, I won’t be able to talk myself out of it without full knowledge and awareness that I justifying something and that the issues are not what they appear to be. Also, I am not going to bake anymore! Why I thought I was recovered enough to bake cookies and make homemade truffles and keep them in my house where I live alone is well beyond me. I knew I wasn’t ready and the 8 gazillion cookies I ate certainly confirmed that no-brainer for me.
    To a healthy 2010…I bid you all good luck!

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