Um, What's the Number for Child Protective Services, Again?

This clip of a pageant mom putting her healthy 8-year-old daughter on an “all-fruit diet” so she could fit into her custom dress has me almost shaking in my chair right now. Holy hell, Batman-can you say “eating disorder waiting to happen”?

Lord. Have. Mercy.

Lord. Have. Mercy.

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One Response to Um, What's the Number for Child Protective Services, Again?

  1. Neema Shaw says:

    this is some sick sad shit goin on here …. parents need to grow up and actualy protect there kids this is a form of abuse .. this child has not been educated enough about food and there for should not have a say about what she eats ….. give her a big fat dirty burger for god sakes let her be a child …… she will be one personality ugly women in this world one day

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