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Have you been keeping your eating issues locked away as a secret? Do you think it's time to tell someone?

Have You Dared to Tell People About Your Eating Issues? [guest post]

Today, I’m happy to welcome back reader and contributor Erica, with a guest post. Take it away, Erica! xo…Sunny Hi, ladies—long time no talk! First, I have… More 

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"There is ALWAYS Hope!" A Message From Someone Who Hit a Little Bump in The Road

There were a few times during my recovery from binge eating disorder when I thought, “Hey, maybe I’m all better!”…and then found myself a week or a month… More 

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How to Exercise For The Right Reasons—and Feel Better About Your Body

Some of you know Trish from her comments here on—she’s been a regular reader almost since the beginning. I first got to know her when she asked… More 

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