"Little Victories" Back In Action

Holy moly, we haven’t had a “Little Victories” post in quite some time (no one’s fault but mine!), so I thought it was high time we got back into the feel-good action of sharing them! If you are new or need a refresher on “Little Victories,” you can check out some past posts… Make sure to read the comments too, where readers share all kinds of victories! Basically, “Little Victories” are what I call the small (yet important) steps, moments, thoughts that eventually pave the way to big changes and recovery.

Little Victories can be as tiny or as big as you want, the most important part is recognizing them and remembering that it takes a lot of little puzzle pieces to create a whole. Whether it is food-related, body-related, or just about feeling good about yourself, count those victories! Share them, they are precious! I will get us started off…

Admittedly, this is a good reminder for me too to pay attention to and acknowledge the little ways that add up to keep sane about all of this stuff! I guess my little victory this week is that after I posted last week about running into some trouble with my own recovery balance, I decided to really take my own advice. Instead of wasting time and dwelling on figuring out exactly why I was reverting back to some old habits and behaviors, I just focused on making sure I was doing things that I know make me feel better (planning out my food, moving my body regularly, meditating a little bit, etc…).

Sometimes I need to remember to listen to myself more often and actually put into practice the things I suggest for other people! It really did help! Okay, now it’s your turn!

What “Little Victories” have you had recently? Have you been giving them the recognition they deserve? -Morgan

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4 Responses to "Little Victories" Back In Action

  1. Olivia says:

    Okay, I guess I’ll start off.. Recently, my dad passed away (about a month ago)(RIP<3). I was very afraid that I'd deal with the pain through bingeing. That, however, was not the case. Since that day, I've been overeating WAY less, and I deal with my emotions in saner ways: I cried a lot (which does so much good.. I used to VERY rarely cry, I saw it as some kind of weakness I guess, but I realized how much it helps), talked to my loved ones, did a lot of jogging to clear my head, etc. I'm in no way fully recovered yet, but I've made singnificant progress: Ever since march, I've made myself 'calendars' every month and write if I binged or not every day, to track how I'm doing. In march, I binged on average every second day; In June, so far, it's down to once a week.
    I guess it's one of the only times in my life where I'm actually fighting against the pain of an outside event in a healthy way, instead of causing myself a lot of extra emotional pain for no good reason, when the rest of my life is going pretty well.

  2. Sam says:

    Last week I went to my first therapy session. I’ve since started keeping a journal of what I’m feeling before I eat, what I plan to eat, what I end up eating & how I feel after eating. Although I had a little trouble on the weekend, I’m now really listening to what I’m feeling and what my body wants. I feel so good!

  3. Hope says:

    Olivia, I am so sorry for your loss but you are handling it very well! Congratulations on your progress. I have trouble crying to relieve myself of overwhelming emotions like you used to. I think that’s a large factor in my bingeing…I don’t know of any other coping mechanisms. Although ultimately bingeing only adds to my stress. Best of luck with continuing your new healthy habits :) I know you can.
    My “little victory” is that I’ve somewhat controlled my binges. They occur in smaller spurts throughout the day, instead of one huge binge leaving me bloated and depressed. In the end, I am still taking in more calories than I need, but I have more energy to run and do the things I used to do. Now to work on reducing portion sizes..and self control…
    Happy Friday everyone :)

  4. Rachael says:

    This is my 2nd week binge free and Im feeling in control and much more on top of things. Its amazing what you can do when you dont zone out and live on auto pilot. Im crossing all the things off my to do list! And i moved my body 6 times last week!

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