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"How Do I Stop Feeling Bad About My Body?"

A reader named Trish left a comment with this question the other day. I got her permission to post it here—with an answer from body image expert… read 

What It Really Takes To Look Like Victoria Beckham

According to Posh herself, it takes working out seven days a week. Kudos to her for being honest about how far she goes to get it. So many… read 

Body Image News: Even Ancient Women Were Obsessed with Their Weight

Get this: There’s a scene in an ancient Roman comedic play called Eunuchus in which the main character talks about a woman he’s in love with not fitting… read 

Why Your Weight Doesn't Matter

You’ve heard it before: Weight is just a number. That sounds good and all, but it’s a leetle hard to believe when you’re in having a “fat day”… read 

What's the Worst Thing You've Ever Said To Your Body?

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s tri-delt’s famous Fat Talk Free Week. (Shouldn’t there be a hyphen or two in there somewhere? There should. Between the Fat and… read 

3 Steps to Turning This "Fat Day" Into a Happy Day

Sometimes it doesn’t help just knowing that “fat days” are all in your head. As a recovered binge eater and long-time health editor at Glamour magazine, I of… read 

Proof That "Fat Days" Are Sooo All In Your Head

There was an incredibly interesting “feeling fat” study presented at the Eating Disorders Research Society meeting I went to last week. The researchers at York University showed 100… read