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HealthyGirl.org Update: Sign Up for the Blog Feed + Opportunities to Contribute!

HealthyGirl.org Update: Sign Up for the Blog Feed + Opportunities to Contribute!

Hi all! I know the posts have been intermittent lately, and by way of explanation I can only look down at my bulging, eight-month-pregnant belly and say, “It’s… read 

Today is a Big Day for Me!

Today is a Big Day for Me!

I am so incredibly excited to announce that—holy cow, somebody pinch me—my book hits shelves TODAY! I feel a little dizzy. Food: The Good Girl’s Drug is the… read 

Body Image Week: Using Food and Weight to Take Yourself 'Out of the Game'

I’m on vacation this week in California—my sister’s getting married!—so I’ll be re-publishing a series of body image posts from the HealthyGirl.org archives. This one is by Morgan,… read 

How Being A House Guest Made Me Think About My Relationship To Food

I hope you all had lovely long weekends! A bit of time has passed since I’ve written regularly for healthygirl, and I was excited when Sunny asked me… read 

Do You Ever Mix Up When You're Thristy and When You're Hungry?

I don’t know about you, but a big part of my struggle with food and body stuff stemmed from not being very connected with my actual physical body… read 

Talking to Family About Their Relationship to Food

Yesterday I was eating dinner with my Mom and Dad and the topic came up of my writing posts for Healthygirl.org. Between bites of roasted chicken, my Dad… read 

Finding Sanity By Just Saying "No"

Saying “no” to myself is sometimes a bit of a tricky situation. I was thinking about it recently when on a particular night after dinner I made the… read 

12 Summertime Snacks This Healthygirl Likes!

There once was a time where I would avoid snacks all together because I was afraid of running the risk of getting myself into a tricky trigger situation… read 

Staying Sane (and having fun) With Food On Vacation!

It’s officially Summertime! Yay! Hopefully you aren’t melting, and if you’re lucky, you might have some sort of getaway or vacation in the future plan. It’s always an… read 

"Little Victories" Back In Action

Holy moly, we haven’t had a “Little Victories” post in quite some time (no one’s fault but mine!), so I thought it was high time we got back… read