3 Steps to Turning This "Fat Day" Into a Happy Day

fat-day3Sometimes it doesn’t help just knowing that “fat days” are all in your head. As a recovered binge eater and long-time health editor at Glamour magazine, I of all people know this. (Shoot, we only tell the readers that every month!) Yet here I am, lying in bed in my comfy robe dreading the upcoming task of finding something to wear.

I know that everything in my closet technically fits my body (well, except for those size 8 pants I bought on sale because I couldn’t believe they almost fit). But what’s going to fit my brain today? Nothing, unless I tweak my attitude. This is what the experts say works-and it’s worked for me before:

1. Acknowledge that fact “feeling” fat really is mostly in your head. It’s science!

2. Ask what this body obsession might be covering up or taking the place of. For me, today, there are sooo many possibilities. Three of those things are on the down low (sorry Gawker), but I can say that I have an incredibly busy few days ahead of me. Shooting to upstate New York to teach a magazine writing class for the Woodhull Foundation tomorrow, then straight to the airport Saturday morning to join my husband at the National Association of Science Writers conference in Austin. And in between all of that, there’s work. My heart’s pumping fast just thinking about it.

3. Admit that I’m focusing on my body because it’s easier and more comfortable than facing the scarier stuff that’s going on. But the fact is, I’m strong enough to tackle this stuff-and to admit that it’s still scary.

And now, it’s time for a little inspirational quote (cheeseball, perhaps, but helpful!):

“Your thoughts determine your actions. Your actions determine your habits. Your habits determine your character. And your character gives birth to your destiny.” – Author Unknown


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