5 Tips That Will Help You Eat Happy (and Healthy) Today!

warwickfoodanddrinklogoEvery day I remind myself that I don’t have the same relationship with food as other people do-it doesn’t really make me sad anymore, it’s just the way it is! But these FOOD-SANITY TIPS (I tweet them every day) have helped me get healthy about the way and what and when I eat…hope they help you, too!

1. Always eat breakfast. Your body needs a lil’ something after 8 hour of nothing-no matter how much you ate the day before. (In other words, no punishing yourself for “mistakes”!)

2. All carbs and no protein makes you a hungrier girl. I have tofu, chicken, nuts, eggs or other protein @ every single meal.

3. Eating the right foods for YOUR body and mind is like taking good medicine. You wouldn’t ignore a doctor’s orders, right? So why would we give our bodies something they clearly don’t want?

4. If you’re peckish at night and can’t sleep, don’t go hungry. But if you have trouble with binge-eating at night, have a “safe” snack that won’t trigger you or make you feel guilty! That means berries and milk or a yogurt for me.

5. Slow down! Food tastes so much better and fills you up so much more when you take time with it. Hard to remember if you let yourself get too hungry, though.
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