Do you [heart] food too much?

I know I do. Or did. Ever since I was, oh, six or seven years old. Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with loving food, but when it gets to be something you use-almost like a drug-it can complicate things. Not to mention make you overweight, unhappy, and feel unable to handle your life.

It sure is nice when you start getting better, though. That’s where I am in my life now-and that’s what HealthyGirl is about, trying to help other girls and young women learn how to curb their out-of-control hunger and eat like Healthy Girls.

Hope to be of help.


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Sunny Sea Gold

About the Author

Sunny Sea Gold is a media-savvy advocate and commentator specializing in binge eating disorder, cultural obsessions around food and weight, and raising children who have a healthy body image.