Intuitive Eating

We’ve all been there-angry with ourselves for overeating, for our lack of willpower, for failing at yet another diet that was supposed to be the last one. But the problem is not you, it’s that dieting, with its emphasis on rules and regulations, has stopped you from listening to your body.

Written by two prominent nutritionists, Intuitive Eating focuses on nurturing your body rather than starving it, encourages natural weight loss, and helps you find the weight you were meant to be.


  • How to reject diet mentality forever
  • How our three Eating Personalities define our eating difficulties
  • How to feel your feelings without using food
  • How to honor hunger and feel fullness
  • How to follow the ten principles of Intuitive Eating, step-by-step
  • How to achieve a new and safe relationship with food and, ultimately, your body

With much more compassionate, thoughtful advice on satisfying, healthy living, this newly revised edition also includes a chapter on how the Intuitive Eating philosophy can be a safe and effective model on the path to recovery from an eating disorder.

2 Responses to Intuitive Eating

  1. Jenn B. says:

    I love this book. Throughout my recovery I have met with numerous nutritionists and placed on a variety of rigid food plans (which helped in the first stages of recovery) but this book and becoming an Intuitive Eater, has helped me recover!

  2. Francie says:

    This is a good book. My friend told me about it after her counselor told her about it. Talk about freeing!

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