Books and sites for children and tweens

These resources may help your younger child start to understand food and body image in a new way, and put him or her on a healthy path.

Full Mouse, Empty Mouse: A Tale of Food and Feelings
by Dina Zeckhausen, Ph.D. and Brian Boyd

by Andy Mills

For tweens and early teens:

by Nancy Redd
This book is a New York Times bestseller for a reason: It shows real pictures of real girls with real bodies and helps girls navigate all the changes happening during puberty that can negatively impact their body image. An amazing book!

by Nancy Redd
Nancy follows up Body Drama with an equally necessary guide to nutrition and healthy eating (plus a little fitness).
An interactive game site that helps educate adolescents and tweens about media (including how much time they spend watching TV, learning the difference between advertising and other content, and airbrushing in magazine images).

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