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Ever Coveted a Star's Body? Seeing One Up Close Can Change That

You guys know that I’m not anti-celebrity or anti-media. I love watching America’s Next Top Model, and, heck, I’ve worked for women’s magazines for the last nine years. That… read 

Even if Your Body Doesn't Change Much, You Will Love it More When You Recover

I’m happy to welcome back the anonymous blogger at Confessions of a Compulsive Overeater with a guest post about how her body image has changed over the course… read 

This Woman is a Secret Purger; Have You Ever Thrown Up, or Tried To?

We don’t talk about purging very often on But it’s something a lot of us have dealt with—or at least tried out—in the past. Here, Georgie shares… read 

Eating What You Want, When You Want To: Can It Possibly Work?

Today the anonymous blogger from Confessions of a Compulsive Overeater is back to share about her foray into intuitive eating. We’ve talked about this philosophy at before,… read 

How to Exercise For The Right Reasons—and Feel Better About Your Body

Some of you know Trish from her comments here on—she’s been a regular reader almost since the beginning. I first got to know her when she asked… read 

Part of Being Sane About Food is Enjoying Eating!

At one point in my recovery, I thought that I had to give up my enjoyment and the real joy I took in food and flavors in order… read 

Do You Sneak-Eat? Why It's Important to Keep Your Food on the Up and Up

This morning as I was getting ready to write today’s post, I was reading through some guest blogs that eating disorders therapist Esther Kane, MSW, sent over for… read 

Exactly What to Do to Stop a "Fat Day" In Its Tracks

Last week, I was proud to be able to bring you posts featuring body-image wisdom from Tiffany Stewart, Ph.D., co-founder of The Body Image Project. As promised, here… read 

No More Bad Body Image: 7 Amazing Steps to Appreciating Your Shape

Let’s continue the body-image conversation with Tiffany Stewart, Ph.D., of The Body Image Project! Yesterday we talked about how society’s love of being in “control” may contribute to… read 

The Source of Bad Body Image: It's Not in Your Jeans

“Our relationship with our appearance goes deep. It affects our life choices, goals, aspirations, relationships, and daily enjoyment,” says Tiffany Stewart, Ph.D., a psychologist who specializes in body… read