Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is only for “young” women?

No. While it’s true that Sunny started it to be of help to young women struggling with overeating and many of the readers are in their late teens and twenties, Sunny herself is in her thirties, and she gets emails from women in their forties, fifties, and beyond who say they draw inspiration from the discussions and personal stories at

2. Is there a for…guys?

No, but there should be. About one out of every four eating disorder cases are in boys and men, and men are more likely to suffer from binge eating than any other eating disorder. If you are a guy who’s gotten sane about food and wants to help Sunny start a branch-out site specifically for men, email her. If you’re a guy who needs help and support you’re more than welcome to hang out here. Or check out Men Get Eating Disorders Too, a British organization with an obvious (and important) message.

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  1. Sheela says:

    I am so glad I found your blog. I’m trying so hard this new year to stop the emotional eating and binges. I never purge, so I don’t know what I have…it’s like, I’m a failure even at ‘normal’ eating disorders, but I really hate that I can’t avoid the binges. It’s mainly the nut butters. I’m always craving peanut butter, nutella, anything like that and right now, I feel like abstinence is the only key…what should I do? I’m just depressed, having started the new year and messed up already!

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