How Your Relationship With Food Reflects Your Relationship With Yourself

Feeling a little lost in my general path...and it showed up in my food stuff...Dang!

The first time I thought about the idea that one’s relationship with food reflects the relationship one has with themselves, was when I read some Geneen Roth books and listened to some of her recordings (which are really cool, by the way). I’ve found that it can be a helpful concept to come back to if you are feeling overwhelmed with trying to “figure out” this whole recovery thing and moving towards becoming more sane about food and body stuff.

If you take a peek at what’s been going on with your food and/or body behaviors and sort of put it up on an imaginary chalk board next to what’s been going on in your relationship to yourself, it could reveal something helpful in moving towards better understanding of yourself.

Example: Yesterday I felt a little bit lost in my food/eating habits. I was kind of unsure of what I wanted to eat, how hungry I was, just not exactly connecting in the best way to what my body was saying it needs. I found myself done with a meal and full and kind of wandering around thinking I needed one more thing (chocolate?).

I used this as a red flag to myself that I maybe need to sit down and take an extra look at what’s actually going on for me. Because I’ve practiced this kind of awareness before, it came to me relatively quickly that I am also feeling an overall sense of being a little bit lost in my own path in general. I am planning on moving in a few months from where I currently live, and I don’t have a specific set plan yet of what exactly I am going to be doing and all of this stuff that has been in the back of my mind has more recently come to the front. I am glad that I “caught” it early so that I can figure out a more healthy way to cope with my apprehension of the uncertain future to come!

Sometimes it frustrates me and feels unfortunate that I am wired to have things that are going on in my life manifest in my eating habits so blatantly, but then again I can re-frame it as it’s also kind of a helpful little tip to myself and I can realize that something is up or that something needs to be addressed. (Gotta find the positive in things, right?!)

How does what’s going on in your life show up in your food or body stuff? —Morgan

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7 Responses to How Your Relationship With Food Reflects Your Relationship With Yourself

  1. Angie says:

    Yes, every time I go to the food or body stuff, there are problems in life that I am avoiding. I have been in a good place lately, but today is very hard. I want to escape from everything and eat. I remember that commercial “Calgon, take me away.” Instead of binging, I’m going to take a bath or do something more positive to take care of myself. Eating does not mean I’m taking care of myself. Eating is just numbing and I have to deal with stuff. This post is so on-target for what I’m going through today - Thank you - A

  2. Astrid says:

    I often find that no matter what I eat, even though I make sure I eat enough, I don’t feel satisfied. There is never enough, and I feel like I can’t even get enough. Lately I have not been staisfied with what I am doing with my life. The physical environment lacks the mountains or ocean my soul thrives in, and my research leaves me wanting to rip my eyeballs out of my face. My relationship with my boyfriend is frustrating, because neither of us are very happy right now. And I have no other close friends in person to talk to. So I am not “getting enough” in my life. I am unfulfilled and unhappy. So food, no matter how great it is, isn’t fulfilling either! Grr. This is so frustrating, because I am at such an awesome place in recovery and find myself unhappy with my life. What do I do?
    Sunny? Where and why are you moving?

    • Kate says:


      I think this sums what I have been feeling for a very long time. I often do not feel satisfied with my life, but instead of changing anything I sit and numb myself with food and television. Once I started making changes and positive improvements (even little ones) I started feeling better and can finally focus on what I’m really use food to compensate for.

  3. Morgan says:

    Ooops, sorry for any confusion, Sunny isn’t going anywhere! I actually wrote that post, so I am the one who will eventually be moving. Just wanted to clear that up!

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  5. L says:

    I don’t even remember the last time I felt satisfied. I’m afraid I don’t even know what it feels like anymore.
    The same with my life in general. My brain can register all the possitive factors that should mean my life is good, but I just cannot force myself to be happy or satisfied.
    I binge rarely now, but when it happens, I can eat till it hurts, but does it feel enough?No!
    And the worst part is I know exactly what I crave - a pet! No matter how silly it sounds, its true. I can’t have any right now and I don’t see an apportunity anytime soon. Its the first time in about 12 years I’ve been without any animals, and it drives me mad.
    And even a box or more chocolate bunnies won’t help…

  6. Cassara says:

    I’m iemrpssed! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

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