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What Procrastination Has to Do With Your Eating Habits

Although I am luckily no longer in the place in my life where I have to take finals and write long research papers, I do remember it as… read 

Do You Ever Feel Guilty for Feeling Guilty?

Okay so I’m sorry to bring up the conference that I went to this past weekend again, but there’s just another great thing that was talked about that… read 

The Power of the Pause

I was really fortunate to get to attend a conference this weekend that happened to touch upon a lot of things relevant to getting sane about food and… read 

Do You Have a Hard Time When Good Things Happen For You?

I’ll admit it: I have a hard time dealing with it when good things happen for me. I think it taps into old issues of low self-worth and… read 

Why It's So Important Not To Keep Your Eating Issues a Secret

Today I’d like to share a letter from one of the youngest HealthyGirl.org readers I’ve talked to in a while: Yuki, who’s just 15. Please feel free to… read 

It's Time to Talk About it: Binge Eating and Sexual Abuse

Research shows that people who experience trauma during childhood such as physical, sexual or verbal abuse are more likely to grow up to have eating disorders and/or addictive… read 

Ever Wish There Was an Instant Fix For Your Food Problems?

Recently, I have been involved in helping a friend seek out ways to make some important and necessary changes in her life (this includes seeing a trained therapist,… read 

What To Do When Diets Stop Working

“For every diet there is an equal and opposite binge.” —Geneen Roth Most emotional eaters or binge eaters get to a point where their old faithful quick-fix—dieting—stops working.… read 

How I Got Sane About Food

My story with binge eating disorder began at the age of 14. (Read more about that here.) I read a few books, and went through plenty of talk… read 

Some (Not-So-Obvious) Things I've Done to Be At Peace With Food and My Body

I’ve filled up five whole moleskin journals over the course of a year (that’s a lot of pages) with my thoughts, worries, goals, rants, whining, etc. It always… read