Welcome to the New HealthyGirl.org!

One of the new features is a page on where to find in-patient treatment centers that offer binge eating help.

I’m so excited to announce the re-launch of HealthyGirl.org! As you regular readers will no doubt notice, it’s much more of a total resource site now, rather than only a blog. (Though the blog is still going to be a vital and important part of the site—I promise!)

Feel free to look around and get to know the new site. In the meantime, let me point out a few features I’m super excited about:

Recommended Reading: Books were the first place I ever got help for binge eating, and I think self-help books can be incredibly valuable in getting sane about food. That’s why I’ve got a whole page dedicated to great books about overeating and body image. You can even leave reviews about the books if you’ve read them, and suggest new books for me to feature.

Therapy 101! One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I find a good therapist?” That’s why I’ve added a new section all about therapy. The kinds that work best for binge eating, how to pay for it, and where to find a good provider. There’s even a whole page dedicated to in-patient treatment centers, since more and more of them are offering binge eating treatment these days.

Support Groups were also a huge part of my recovery from binge eating disorder. A new page focuses on how to find one in your area.

• I’m also really excited to offer a whole new area of support: Help for Parents. The info here is meant to help parents of kids with eating and body image issues learn how to deal. And there’s a great list of helpful books and web sites for parents, and for kids. (Being pregnant has made me realize how desperately parents need this kind of info!)

HealthyGirl.org lives, breathes, and helps people because of you, the girls and women who read it and participate. So I’m asking for your input once more. Please feel free to recommend books, web sites, and other resources, or point out any issues you have with the re-design. And if you’re a recovered or recovering binge eater, please consider submitting your own Real Story to help inspire and inform other girls and women who are still suffering.

Much love and food sanity to you!


8 Responses to Welcome to the New HealthyGirl.org!

  1. LOVE the new website :) Looks fantastic!

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  3. Trish says:

    Amazing! Great job Sunny and congrats!

  4. Kate says:

    Love it, Sunny! What a treat to read!

  5. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to share the site as a resource for my clients. I really appreciate your therapy section–any resource that makes seeking support less overwhelming is fantastic!

    • Sunny says:

      Thank you, Ann! I agree–the whole concept of therapy can be so intimidating. But it’s SUCH an incredible tool and resource. I wouldn’t be who I am today without it!

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